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At a glance

  • Name Amal MK
  • Age 33
  • Experience 10 years
  • Areas of Expertise Frontend Development, Mentoring, Maintaining Best Practices
  • Location Kochi, India
  • Preferred Mode of Working Remote/Hybrid
  • Current Organization Persistent Systems
  • Current Role Senior Engineering Lead
Persistent Systems EQS Web Technologies Manorama Online Mindcurv Qatar Islamic Bank Tata Consultancy Services



So, why do I code?

Why UI? As a UI developer, I find inspiration in the fusion of artistry and problem-solving. Guided by this passion, I've embraced UI development as my ideal career path. Each day, I weave creativity into functionality, crafting digital experiences that harmonize aesthetics with practicality, enriching lives through elegant design solutions.


In the past Nine years, I've worked in a number of different domains, of which the most important ones would be Banking, eCommerce and CRM. I had been an integral part in the development of two major online banking applications for the banks in Middle East, and three B2B eCommerce applications from the European market. Recently, I also got opportunity to contribute to the CRM module of one of the leading Investor Relations product in the European region.


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Worked in the development of B2B eCommerce Web applications for three big players in European segment. The first of them was a Foodservice Wholesaler and distributor based in the United Kingdom. The applcation was primarily developed in JSP, which was then incrementally migrated to Vue. Second customer was the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions. The application was done as a combination of headless CMS (Bloomreach) and VueJS. The last one was headquartered in Berlin, is Europe's first and leading provider of innovative compliance solutions for preventing and combating white-collar crime. The application was developed on NuxtJS.


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Worked in the development of two major banking applications in the Middle East region. I got the opportunity to work alongside the customer at their location for both these projects. The application was done in an adaptive manner for Web & Mobile web, and the same was then wrapped into native Android and IOS applications. It was done during the earlier days of my career when AngularJS was a prominent JS library, and we used a product Backbase CXP built on top of AngularJS for developing all the variants of their Personal Banking application. The application later won the award for the best Personal Banking application in the region. The second one was also for a major bank in the Middle East, but Angular 2 was used for the Frontend development.


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This is the latest one that I worked on. CRM module was a part of a larger product that was to be used by Investors Relationship Managers for the companies. The application used Angular 12 in the Frontend and Symfony in the Backend. CRM was one of the core modules of the product since it catered the user data to other modules and interacted with them seamlessly.


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I am personally helping local businesses and individuals to establish their online footprint in an effortless and cost effective manner. When I looked around, I could see the existing portfolio websites are still using legacy frameworks and not responsively designed. Additionally, most of them are too heavy that it ranked too low in the Google Lighthouse reports. Hence, I started using the Jamstack principles to develop modern looking, statically hosted websites that was blazing fast and responsive. You can see some of those in the recent works section below.